San Fran and super shopping

Mark writes:

The last few days of May Jennifer and I drove up to San Fransciso. It was a longer drive than we expected and a fast weekend there, but God really blessed us. I was able to speak at a Cantonese church next to Golden Gate Park, where my friend, Owen, is the pastor. He and his wife Evelyn were a blessing to us and we enjoyed being there.

I saw the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time and was really amazed at how beautiful the Bay area there really is. Would’ve liked to spend more time there, but in the moment of it I didn’t even want to get out of the car and look around because it was so cold.

Back in Los Angeles we were amazed at Alice’s skills in shopping. We were in the grocery store with Jennifer’s sister and watched her save $28 on $54 of groceries. So she only spent $26! Alice gets the Super Shopper award!


2 thoughts on “San Fran and super shopping

  1. Hello Stams!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip! What a great opportunity to see family & some beautiful scenery too.

    I am sure you are making some great memories!

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