Friends in Los Angeles

Mark writes:

Jennifer and I had a great time in L.A. after we returned from San Francisco. We had an orientation with LSI about our teaching this coming year in Kyrgyzstan and we learned so much about the place and the culture. We’ve never been to a Central Asian culture before. It made us more excited to get there, even if we get to eat a bunch of fat in some of our meals.

We hung out with some of my old friends in the Van Nuys area. Philip from the Philippines is my best friend and he’s there in L.A. now with his wife, Jena. Matt and Angel are studying and working as well. We also ate out at P.F. Chang’s in Santa Monica with Ryan Roberts and his wife Jessica. We’re blessed to have a number of friends in this part of the country.

Jena, Philip, Matt, Angel, and us

Alice helped us out a lot while we were in L.A. and was so hospitable to us as we were staying in her apartment. She helped us get around, too, and took us to the Getty Center, which is a nice place to visit if you ever get to Los Angeles. It has a tram up to the top of the hill overlooking some of the city. The Getty Center is a museum, mostly for art and architecture and it has some cool gardens as well.

I can’t fail to mention that my wife is really amazing and it’s been great to spend so much time with her. We’re really learning a lot about each other and we know that this trip is a great gift from God to us.


One thought on “Friends in Los Angeles

  1. Glad to see the two of you getting to learn and grow together during your adventurous trip. Keep enjoying and get the best out of it. Looking forward to seeing you again =)

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