Our wildlife stories

Jennifer writes:

Some of you may have heard that we were going to take another road trip to Vancouver.  That’s right.  We did.  After numerous phone calls, wasted dollars and a wasted trip to the customs office, we found out that it was not possible for me to transfer the title of my Aveo to my sister in L.A.  So we had to cancel our flight, and drive the car back to Vancouver. 

So we embarked on another road trip.  It was a shorter road trip this time, only 3 days.  We left Friday morning at 6, and there was already a traffic jam on the highways in LA!  We drove for 12 hours that day, trying to get to the Redwoods in northern California.  We got there after 6pm.  We visited Elk Meadow, where herds of elk often congregate.  There were at least 40 elk there that evening.  We got out of the car to take pictures of a group of them eating in the field.  After we got back in the car and drove a little down the road we saw this lone elk (it was huge) walking from behind a gate toward us.  I was so excited that it was getting so close.  I rolled down my window to take pictures of it.  Lo and behold, it put its head down and started running toward the car.  I, in my ignorance, was still trying to get a picture of it, while Mark stepped on the gas.  It was by grace that the elk did not ram its head through the open window!  There were two other cars back there as well.  As we were gathering our composure, we watched the elk charging another car trying to get by it.  We waited for a few minutes before driving back to the main road.  And that darn elk tried to charge us again! 

Mean elk charging us.

That was not the end of our encounter with wildlife that day.  Later that night after supper we drove around the area, and we saw a little black bear!  It was right on the side of the road just a few feet in front of us.  And we had just taken a walk not too far from it.  Then we decided we had not had enough of the elk, so we drove back to the field where crazy elk was.  This time it was gone, but another elk was eating very close to the road.  As we were driving back to the main road I decided to take a picture of it because it was so close (I guess I never learn).  But this time I rolled the window down only half way and Mark had his foot on the gas ready to go.  And you got it, it tried to charge us.

Mean elk #2

The next day we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon.  We stopped by Sea Lion Cave to see some sea lions.  There were hundreds of them gathered on the rocks by the ocean.  They are funny creatures.  They are loud and pile themselves on top of each other.  Sometimes they get up and jump in the water for a swim.  Otherwise they just lay there and bake in the sun.

We made it back to Vancouver Sunday afternoon.  That would be the last road trip for a while we hope. 


One thought on “Our wildlife stories

  1. Wow! Who knew elk were so mean?

    Sounds like quite an adventure! After this trip it may be hard to adjust to “normal” life without all the crazy animals, strange sites & traffic, but I am sure you will both manage. : )

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