What We Learned

Mark writes:

We learned a few things on our ridiculous road trip – nothing profound. Here’s a few:

1-A 4,300 mile road trip is not always as fun as it sounds.

2-Utah is completely barren (except for Zion National Park).

3-It is illegal to pump your own fuel in Oregon.

4-Muscle Beach in Santa Monica is a ridiculous place.

5-Sea Lions stink!

6-If we lived in Colorado and wanted to buy a car, a Chevrolet Aveo would be on the rock bottom of our list.

7-Jennifer is so sweet that she will never ever sleep in the car while you are driving, so that she can keep you awake.

8-The United States is big and beautiful.

9-We are really bad campers. We would even prefer eating sandwiches night after night instead of making a fire.



3 thoughts on “What We Learned

  1. Haha! I think the only thing that could convince me to make a fire would be the possibility of s’mores. Other than that, I would be content with sandwiches, too.

  2. Hey you guys!!! So great to read all of your updates. I have had my share of roadtrips with car problems and crazy animals too. But I can’t say that I have ever been attacked repeatedly by an elk. That is definitly a new one!!! We love you guys and we keep you in our prayers daily!!!!
    Take care,

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