Delight yourself in Banana Republic?

Jennifer writes:

Ever since we left Louisville at the end of May we have been living out of our backpacks.  So basically I have been wearing the same set of clothes for 4 months now.  I haven’t cared too much about it because we had been traveling, and I was happy about the relatively light load.  But now that we have settled down for a little while, I’m starting to notice the sameness in my wardrobe week after week. 

Weather started to change this past week.  It’s feeling more like autumn now.  Soon I think I will need to switch to my exciting winter wardrobe – 2 sweaters and a pair of jeans.  I’m a fairly shallow person; I like my clothes and I enjoyed buying new clothes back home.  But having lived out of a backpack for several months I realized that I really don’t need my closetful of clothes and shoes which are now packed away in boxes in a garage.  It’s refreshing to have a simple life.  I parted ways with my favourite stores like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, and found that life is just as good without them.  This year has been good for me in terms of learning to live simply.  Clothes and shoes do not make me happy.  I want to find my joy and delight in God.  And I hope to grow in that area of my life this year.


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