Anything is possible

Jennifer writes:

We just got back from the bazaar.  It was filled with action and excitement this morning at the bazaar.  First I was pickpocketed.  Even though I caught the guy red-handed, and he only got a pack of kleenex from my purse, it still was a bad feeling.  Then, on the way back I almost got hit by a van.  I yelled at the driver in English, so it did not have any effect on him. 

We also had some other excitement earlier this week.  Normally we are without power and water for about 5-6 hours each time and twice daily.  But earlier this week water did not come for almost 2 days.  We were told two different stories.  One source told us that it was a broken water pipe.  Another told us that because the water company did not pay their electicity bill, so power company cut off their power, which means no water for us.  I tend to believe the more embarrassing and ridiculous story. 

Yesterday we also were informed, supposedly by the water company, that we would be without water for 3 days because they still had not paid their electricity bill.  So we ran home in the middle of the day to store as much water as we could.  At the end of the day, however, there was another piece of rumor floating around, that both power and water companies would not cut power and water at all starting November.  And by the time we got home there was still water.  I was even able to take a hot shower last night.  Water was still flowing nicely this morning.  So which story is true?  We have given up trying to figure things out here.


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