Taiwan – Touch Your Heart

Jennifer writes:

Ok, so that sounds a little cheesy.  But that’s the official slogan from the tourism bureau in Taiwan.  I should ask Mark if his heart has been touched…

Since our last update, we have finished our 6-month travel and come back to Vancouver to spend Christmas with my family.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Taiwan.

After visiting my family in Dong Gang (see our previous post) we spent a couple of days by ourselves in Kenting National Park (http://www.ktnp.gov.tw/), famous for its beautiful beaches and ecological systems.  We had perfect temperatures and perfect weather for biking around, enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting a sun tan/burn.  We also visited the Er Luanbi Lighthouse located on the southernmost point of Taiwan. 



Er Luanbi Lighthouse behind us

I then took Mark to Ping Dong City where I grew up, also in the south.  I showed Mark the houses I grew up in, though they look drastically different now.  We biked around the city, visiting my home church in Taiwan, where my dad used to work, my elementary school and my junior high school.  I had a lot of fun reminiscing! 


Biking in Ping Dong


We also visited my great grandmother’s resting place.  She was the first Christian in my family, and she was 102 when she died.

We spent the remaining week in Hualien on the east coast of Taiwan, which is just gorgeous.  We got a big dose of amazing views of the Pacific and gorgeous beaches on this part of the trip.  Mark also finally had his dream come true and visited the Taroko Gorge National Park (http://www.taroko.gov.tw/).  We saw some incredible landscapes and scenery.  According to Mark, that was his favourite place in Taiwan. 


We are no photographers, so our pictures just don’t do it justice. Trust me, the scenery is breath-taking.


Where is Mark? He’s the little red dot by the other end of the Water Curtain Cave.

On December 15, two days after we came back to Vancouver, Mark and I celebrated our first year of marriage.  What a year it has been!  God is so good to us!  We are so blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity to see the world and to spend time with each other.  I am especially grateful to be able to show Mark my “true” home country.  I think he got to understand me a little better after seeing Taiwan for himself and seeing me in my element there.  As we wrap up the trip and prepare for the next season in our lives, we look forward to seeing what God will do in and through us. 


Our 1st anniversary!

By the way, merry Christmas everyone!  To God be the glory!