Just a little update

Hi friends, we apologize for the long silence on our blog. Since our last entry we have come back to North America, spent time with our families over the holidays in Vancouver and Iowa, and moved to DC for Mark’s internship at Capital Hill Baptist Church. We have done quite a bit during this time, including taking tons of pictures of my new niece, the super-cute, Sofia, moving a van-full of our stuff from Iowa to our tiny studio apartment in DC, and starting a new life here. In our first week in DC we managed to get a tour of the West Wing during the last week of President Bush’s time in office. The following week we joined the 1.2 million or so people in the inauguration excitement. We did not get to see anything really, except the hugest crowd we’ve ever seen. Other than that, we have just been getting adjusted to life on the Hill. The church has been wonderful in welcoming us into the body of Christ. Mark is reading a lot, writing a lot, meeting a lot and discussing a lot with people at church. We are thankful to be here and excited about what God is going to do in our life.

We have a lot of pictures to share with you from our trip. We will get them up here soon. Also, we will continue to update you on our life on this blog, even though we are not traveling anymore, for now.


2 thoughts on “Just a little update

  1. Hello Stams! Glad to know you are still alive. : ) I didn’t know Mark had an internship in DC – how exciting. I look forward to hearing more about what God is doing in and through you both.

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