Lincoln and the Library

Jennifer writes:

Time flies.   We’ve been here in DC for over a month already!  But because of Mark’s busy schedule and the cold weather, we still have not ventured out to explore the city too much.  Several times we actually tried to go out to see one of the museums or something, but had to turn back because of the bitter cold temperature.  Hopefully when spring comes we’ll get to see more of the city.  But we have enjoyed our time here.  We are getting to know more people at the church and getting more integrated into the church body.  We even get to meet and spend time wtih some international students in the city, which has always been a great delight to both Mark and me. 

You’re probably wondering what Lincoln and the Library have to do with anything I’ve said so far.  Well, Mark had both Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day off earlier this month, so we grabbed the opportunity and visited a couple of major attractions in the city. 

On Valentine’s Day we took a long walk to the Museum of American History to see the special Lincoln exhibition. 


Lincoln’s life was indeed quite extraordinary.  This visit was very educational for me; I learned a lot about American history.


Lincoln’s famous top hat. 

We also saw the gigantic and extremely old flag that Francis Scott Key saw at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 (, which inspired him to pen the “The Star Spangled Banner”.  Unfortunately, no photography was allowed in this exhibition.


After the museum we went to the top of the Old Post Office Pavilion ( for a great view of the city.  It’s not as tall as the Washington Memorial.  But there is no line going up, and it’s not nearly as crowded as in the Memorial. 

Two days later, on Presidents’ Day, we visited the Library of Congress.  I have always wanted to go inside, but it’s such an intimidating building I did not want to go by myself.  The library did not dissapoint.  The Jefferson Building was magnificent!  I am no photographer, so the pictures really don’t do it justice to the beauty of the interior of the building.



The famous dome in the main reading room.  Because it was Presidents’ Day, the library was actually closed.  But they opened up the main reading room to the public, which is otherwise closed to the public normally.  So we got to go in and take as many pictures as we’d like.


If you have seen the movie “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” you’ll know that the Library plays an important role in the movie.  Here on the screen Nicholas Cage is talking about filming the movie in the Library.


I think I should totally work in this library (not until I get my work permit, of course…).


In Memory of our friend Andrew

Mark writes:

Last Saturday, February 7, our dear friend Andrew Mark went home to be with his Lord. Andrew never wasted his cancer, but glorified the Lord in it for the last 2 years, looking to God for strength and grace and joy until his Savior took him. At the end of my visit with Andrew last week, 3 days before he died, he asked for prayer that he would look for opportunities to serve God and others instead of looking at his own misery. Praise God for this man!

Andrew leaves behind his wife Grace and their two young children, AJ (4) and Gracie (2).  Please pray for Grace and her children in these next days and weeks and months. Andrew and Grace both have wonderful testimonies in our Lord Jesus Christ and God has been so faithful the past 2 years to continually help them to honor Him in their struggles. I believe God will continue to bring glory to Himself through this family.

If you’d like to read Andrew and Grace’s story from these past couple years, check out their blog at http://www.graceandrew.blogspot. com/ or their website at It will inspire and challenge your faith and cause you to lift up your heart to God in worship.


Jennifer and I visiting Andrew and Grace in early 2007.

Picture update – Part III

Last week Mark and the rest of the pastoral staff went to Minneapolis for the Desiring God Pastors Conference.  To avoid loneliness, I flew out to LA to visit my sister, brother-in-law and niece (and because I really wanted to see them).  Here are some pictures from the visit (well, I really just wanted to post more Sofia pictures).


Alice and Sofia – Sofia has been putting her whole fist into her mouth ever since she discovered her hands.


Is she not adorable?


Me and my girl walking along Santa Monica beach – I’m a happy aunt!


This is one of her favourite things to do – staring at the warning sign in her car seat.


Morning chat with grandma and grandpa.


Doing push-ups during her tummy time.

Picture update – Part II

After Vancouver we went to Iowa to spend some time with Mark’s family.  Unfortunately we lost most of our pictures from that time (I’m blaming it on Dell).  Early January we moved to DC to begin Mark’s internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  We had some major excitement during our first week here.


This is the only picture that survived from our time in Iowa.  Our great friends, Philip and Jena, kindly flew to Iowa to spend New Year’s with us.  We’re really glad you came!


This is our humble abode in DC – kitchen, living room and bedroom all in one shot (we do have a bathroom around the corner).


A view of the dining room and study from the bedroom.


We got an awesome tour of the West Wing while President Bush was still in office.  He and Mrs. Bush were supposedly sleeping behind those second-floor windows while we toured the White House.


West Wing Press Room.


Entrance to the West Wing.  We were not allowed to take any pictures inside, unfortunately.


The following Monday (MLK Jr. Day) we walked around the Capitol building and the National Mall to check out the preparation for the Inauguration on Tuesday.


Jumbo screens for the inauguration crowd on the Mall.


We squeezed into the crowd for a CNN recording.  And I got a great shot of Roland Martin (I really had no idea who he was, but he was so close so I took a snapshot of him anyway).


Anderson Cooper!  I knew who he was.


In the middle is Soledad O’brien.  Perhaps I made it on national TV during the broadcast.


On the day of the inauguration we joined the crowd and walked almost aimlessly for 2 hours to finally make it on to the Mall.


We were there!

Picture update – part I

Here are some pictures from our time in Vancouver in December.


We had some major snowfall while we were in Vancouver (and continued after we left 2 weeks later).  Mark is here making a snow angel.


Nice to meet you, Sofia!  My sister, Alice, gave birth to Sofia in November.  So this was the first time we met Sofia.  She’s seriously cute.


Grandma and Grandpa Hsin with the first grandchild in the family.


We had hot pot for Christmas dinner.


Uncle Mark!


Monopoly might be a family get-together tradition in the Hsin household now.


Four generations having some dim sum together on Christmas Day.