Picture update – Part II

After Vancouver we went to Iowa to spend some time with Mark’s family.  Unfortunately we lost most of our pictures from that time (I’m blaming it on Dell).  Early January we moved to DC to begin Mark’s internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  We had some major excitement during our first week here.


This is the only picture that survived from our time in Iowa.  Our great friends, Philip and Jena, kindly flew to Iowa to spend New Year’s with us.  We’re really glad you came!


This is our humble abode in DC – kitchen, living room and bedroom all in one shot (we do have a bathroom around the corner).


A view of the dining room and study from the bedroom.


We got an awesome tour of the West Wing while President Bush was still in office.  He and Mrs. Bush were supposedly sleeping behind those second-floor windows while we toured the White House.


West Wing Press Room.


Entrance to the West Wing.  We were not allowed to take any pictures inside, unfortunately.


The following Monday (MLK Jr. Day) we walked around the Capitol building and the National Mall to check out the preparation for the Inauguration on Tuesday.


Jumbo screens for the inauguration crowd on the Mall.


We squeezed into the crowd for a CNN recording.  And I got a great shot of Roland Martin (I really had no idea who he was, but he was so close so I took a snapshot of him anyway).


Anderson Cooper!  I knew who he was.


In the middle is Soledad O’brien.  Perhaps I made it on national TV during the broadcast.


On the day of the inauguration we joined the crowd and walked almost aimlessly for 2 hours to finally make it on to the Mall.


We were there!


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