My favourite animal is…

Jennifer writes:

Remember those elephants (or elePants as Avianna might put it) that I saw passing by our apartment last week?  The parade was a great advertising tactic.  After seeing them we decided that we must go back to visit them.  So we bought tickets to the circus last Thursday!


Well, if we were 20 years younger we might have enjoyed it more.  Nevertheless, we were very glad to see our elephant friends again, along with some very cool indeed performances.  For example:


What do you think is inside the globe?  7, I repeat, SEVEN motorcycle riders are spinning around the globe extremely fast on their bikes in this extremely precise choreographed sequence.  It was a little too stressful for me to watch.


There were also some very beautiful tigers performing.


The elephants!



Let’s hold hands…er…tails.


Good job!  I love elephants!


Inside the Capitol

Jennifer writes:

Last week Mark and I got to go on a Capitol tour with some other Iowans – the tour was given by a lady who works in Senator Grassley’s (spelling correct?) office.  At the end of the tour we were given Senate and House Gallery passes, so we could sit in anytime they are in session and listen.  Of course no photography was allowed, so we could not take any pictures of the lone Senator from Nevada who was making his speech and who was the only senator in the room except people taking notes and recording.  Honestly, I would rather spend my afternoon doing anything else than sitting there listening.  I’m just not very into politics.  After his speech Senator Grassley came in to make his speech.  But by that time we’d had enough of that so we left shortly after.

Here are some pictures from the Capitol.


Apparently there are underground tunnels connecting all the Senate buildings and the Capitol.  This is the little subway that takes you from one of the Senate buildings to the Capitol.


The Rotunda.  George Washington is in the painting on the ceiling, surrounded by 14 or so ladies.  I forgot what they represent.  Sorry..I’ll pay more attention next time.


Mark inside the Rotunda.



There is an acoustic flaw in this room.  This is where John Adams’ desk used to be.  After he died it was discovered from his journal that he used to eavesdrop on people whispering across the room and pretend he was taking a nap.  We tested it out – our tour guide stood across the big room and whispered to us.  We heard it like it was amplified through a loud speaker!  Very interesting.


The star on the floor behind Mark is supposedly the center of Washington DC.  DC, as you may know, is divided into four quadrants with the Capitol as the center.  And that star is in the center of the Capitol building.

It seems that there is never a dull week in our life in DC.  Still more to come from our fun-filled week.

Circus Elephants

Jennifer writes:

One of the perks of living in DC is we get to have some unusual experiences, like touring the West Wing and the Capitol (we’re doing it this Thursday; pictures are sure to come).  Today I got another one of those experiences.  A friend at church kindly informed me that the circus elephants would be marching by the park next to our block.  I had no idea what she meant when I read her email.  Turns out, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ( is in town, and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day they were going to have a parade on Capitol Hill, which is where we live.  I love elephants, they are possibly my favourite animal.  Here are some pictures.  Enjoy!


Here they come!



Stopping to say hello to the audience.  The one on the end would go to the bathroom right after I took this picture.  Of course I captured the moment on my camera also, but I’m not going to gross you out.


Very wisely they had street cleaners following the elephants.


Aww…I love elephants!

I love technology

Jennifer writes:

In the past couple of weeks our life has dramatically improved in terms of technology.  In our 14-month marriage we had not had a TV or a DVD player.  Few weeks ago we were given a free giant TV and a free DVD player from some people at church.  Thank you friends!  What naturally followed was that we signed up at Netflix, and plan on catching up on all the 24 episodes.  Yesterday Mark took it yet to another level.  He bought an antenna and successfully set it up.  What that means is that we can now watch news and…24 on TV! 

Another huge blessing is that the landlady decided to set up Internet in this apartment for the tenants.  And that means I can now access my email in 30 seconds instead of 15 minutes! 

With all that home improvement, I do hope that we will not be too occupied with TV and Internet and neglect other important endeavors in life, such as reading and praying…

Speaking of which, please keep us in your prayers as we continue in the green card (permanent resident status) application for me.  We have found out that there are some complications to our case, and have hired a lawyer to handle the case.  But we know that ultimately it is in God’s hands.  We can trust in God’s wisdom, goodness and sovereignty.  Please pray that I will be given a green card in due time; more importantly, please pray that we will learn through this process to trust in the Lord more and to rest in Him.  Thank you!