Circus Elephants

Jennifer writes:

One of the perks of living in DC is we get to have some unusual experiences, like touring the West Wing and the Capitol (we’re doing it this Thursday; pictures are sure to come).  Today I got another one of those experiences.  A friend at church kindly informed me that the circus elephants would be marching by the park next to our block.  I had no idea what she meant when I read her email.  Turns out, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ( is in town, and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day they were going to have a parade on Capitol Hill, which is where we live.  I love elephants, they are possibly my favourite animal.  Here are some pictures.  Enjoy!


Here they come!



Stopping to say hello to the audience.  The one on the end would go to the bathroom right after I took this picture.  Of course I captured the moment on my camera also, but I’m not going to gross you out.


Very wisely they had street cleaners following the elephants.


Aww…I love elephants!


3 thoughts on “Circus Elephants

  1. How fun! That reminds me of walking down the street in Bangkok. Never know when you’ll run into an elephant on the busiest of roads (and it’s accompanying owner trying to sell you food to feed it).

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