My favourite animal is…

Jennifer writes:

Remember those elephants (or elePants as Avianna might put it) that I saw passing by our apartment last week?  The parade was a great advertising tactic.  After seeing them we decided that we must go back to visit them.  So we bought tickets to the circus last Thursday!


Well, if we were 20 years younger we might have enjoyed it more.  Nevertheless, we were very glad to see our elephant friends again, along with some very cool indeed performances.  For example:


What do you think is inside the globe?  7, I repeat, SEVEN motorcycle riders are spinning around the globe extremely fast on their bikes in this extremely precise choreographed sequence.  It was a little too stressful for me to watch.


There were also some very beautiful tigers performing.


The elephants!



Let’s hold hands…er…tails.


Good job!  I love elephants!


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