Mt. Vernon

Couple of weekends ago we had our first visitor since we moved to DC.  Mark’s uncle Stephen came to Virginia for a church meeting, and we were able to spend a Saturday with him.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day – clear blue sky and perfect temperature.  We visited Mount Vernon – George Washington’s home – in the morning, and hit some toursty spots in the city in the afternoon.  We had a lot of fun!


It was a perfect day to visit Mount Vernon.  That’s Washington’s mansion.



Washington had some awesome view of the Potomac River from his home.  A group of people bought the land on the other side of the river to ensure the view is maintained for generations to come.


George Washington’s final resting place is also at Mt. Vernon.


This picture is for my (Jennifer’s) family and any Chinese history buff out there.  In the visitor center there are pictures hanging on the wall of leaders and royalties of different countries who have visited Mt. Vernon.  I was delighted to see Madame Chiang Kai-Shek’s picture.


Thanks for visiting, Stephen!


Embassy Row

Jennifer writes:

Few weeks ago Mark and I had a fun date walking down Embassy Row.  We spotted a few of special interest to us.  Check it out:


Marshall Islands (for our friends Dave and Monica and their daughter Makana).  Sadly, the embassy looked rather unkempt, with the flag rolled up and overgrown grass.


Previet!  That little white row house is the Kyrgyz embassy.