Panda bears and their friends

Jennifer writes:

At the end of May Mark and I finally went down to the National Zoo.  Mark, being the avid animal lover, was very excited about the visit.  The zoo did not disappoint.  We had a great time visiting the panda bears, elephants, cool reptiles (according to Mark – I tried to avoid the reptiles), apes, orangutans and more.  The only less-than-satisfactory part was the tigers.  Having been to the tiger park in northeast China last year, where they had hundreds of Siberian tigers in their natural habitat, the 2 lazy tigers laying around by the pond in the zoo were just not that gripping anymore.

Here are some highlights from the zoo.



The panda bears were given by China, and this is one of the containers the pandas came in.


Silly orangutan was playing with his blankie.


These alpacas have just been shaved.


The anteater trying to get the sweets with his nose/mouth.


One thought on “Panda bears and their friends

  1. Love the panda pics. I was so disappointed when I found out we just missed seeing pandas at the Chiang Mai zoo. (They have a one month old.) Oh well, I’m sure they’ll be other opportunities. We’re back in Bangkok now. Glad to hear you think our tigers are the best 🙂 Come back for a visit and see them again.

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