New York, New York

New York City is seriously one of my (Jennifer) favorite cities in the world.  I’m so glad that it’s not far from us – only a 4-hour bus ride away!  I cannot have enough of it.  So about 2 weeks after my trip to NY with my friend, Mark and I went back for a day trip.  We left real early in the morning.  I mean really really early.  And we didn’t get back to DC till that night.  Needless to say, we were exhausted.  But we had a great time of course!  What made this trip even better is that we arrived at Chinatown in the morning, so we had some Chinese breakfast.  Then we went back around noon to have dim sum for lunch!  And on the way back to DC we bought carry-out Chinese food for dinner!!  Oh, did I mention real good bubble tea?







Ellis Island



Boy, I’m so glad that immigration is not nearly as hard now as it was back then!



Central Park



Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral



2 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. You make great pictures! Thanks for the tour. I love DC, too. OK, I feel like a China dummy. What’s bubble tea?

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