Iowa Vacation

After our NY trip, Mark and I rented a car and drove to Iowa to visit his family.  We haven’t been driving much nowadays, since we don’t own a car.  So it felt like we were making up for that by making it all the way to Iowa in one day, a 17-hour drive!  It’s always fun to go to Iowa.  Mark’s family is never short of activities for us to do.  At the same time, it was so relaxing to be out of the city for a while. 

Mark’s sister Laura and her family are back in the States this year from South America.  It was great seeing them (minus the brother-in-law who was out of town) again and getting to know her and the kids a little more.  Our nieces and nephew are growing up fast! 


It’s good that Mark captured this moment, because it was the only time Avianna allowed me to hold her.  It took a while for her to warm up to us.  Also in the picture are Joyce (Mark’s mom), Olivia and Makayla.


Mark’s parents’ neighbors have a mini-zoo.  They have animals from stinky goats (they REALLY stink), pigs, horses to baby bobcat, baby owls and baby hawk.  The peacocks are now supposed to be in a cage.  But this tricky one has not been captured yet.  In this picture it’s roaming freely on the barn roof.


We had a picnic at Red Rock Park.  The kids had a blast playing in the water.  Joyce is a cool grandmother.  She plays in the water with the grandkids, she even picks up snakes on occasion to show the grandkids.


Yes, I gave fishing a try.


Avianna found quite a few dead little fishes in the water, and they kept her entertained the whole time.


We spotted this mother and her tiny new baby on Mark’s parents’ farm.


6 thoughts on “Iowa Vacation

  1. Just wondering: did you give baiting the hooks a try, too? That’s the reason I don’t like fishing! HAHA!

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