Where have they been?

Jennifer writes:

Where have the Stams been?  Well, we’re still in DC.  I apologize (again) for the lack of update on our blog.  Here’s a quick review of our life in the past couple of months. 

As you may know, we began the application for my green card in March.  By God’s grace, we received my green card in the mail early August!  One great thing about having the green card is that I can leave the country AND get back in without any problems!  So I am actually updating now from the northwest as I take a vacation visiting my family in Vancouver and Seattle.

Mark’s internship at CHBC ended in May.  We went through a couple of months of unemployment.  It was definitely a time of testing and growing in our trust in the Lord.  The Lord of course proved Himself faithful and kind to us by providing for us, sometimes in unexpected ways.  In His kindness, we both started working in August.  I find Mark’s job quite ironic.  He was born without any appreciation for coffee and anything coffee-tasting.  But he is now working at Starbucks!  I definitely enjoy the benefits of his job at Starbucks (a pound of coffee a week, wa-hoo!!).  To make things even more interesting, I also am working part-time as a barista at a local coffee shop (www.ebenezerscoffeehouse.com).  Besides making gourmet coffee, I also teach 2.5 year-olds at a preschool.  I’ve always kind of wanted to work as a barista.  But teaching kiddos at preschool?  Never crossed my mind.  Looking back, perhaps God has been preparing me for this job.  Since moving to DC I’ve spent more time with toddlers and young kids (either babysitting or hanging out with the moms) than ever before in my life.  God has grown my love for kids and experience with them.  On top of that, my employers at the preschool are both ladies from my church and are very encouraging.  So even though the job requires a lot of physical energy, patience and wisdom, I am enjoying it! 

As I mentioned earlier, I came to Vancouver last Friday to visit my family.  I’ve missed them!


Right now I’m enjoying hanging out with my little niece.  But I’m also looking forward to seeing Mark next week when I return to DC. 

That’s it for now.  Thanks for visiting our blog.  We hope to do a better job of keeping it up-to-date.