Mark and I are experiencing a snowstorm… in our new home in Central Asia!  Yes, friends, we made it here safely on Thursday.  It was a long but uneventful trip.  Even all of our checked bags made it to our destination the same time we did!  Our friends here have been taking very good care of us since we arrived.  We also met our neighbours, a nice lady and her nice daughter who speaks very good English.  Our nice neighbours already helped us a lot today by ordering a new gas tank for the kitchen for us.  All that to say, God has been very gracious to us.

The weather has been pretty bad since we got here, and it has now turned into a snowstorm.  We did not go out at all today because of the weather.  Hopefully we can do some exploring on our own tomorrow and try out the very limited amount of language that we have.


6 thoughts on “Snowstorm

  1. Dearest Mark & Jennifer,

    Praise God for bringing you safe in Asia 🙂

    Thank you so much for your example on how not to waste the precious life God has given to us.

    We’ll keep praying for you. more grace to you & more of His global renown.

    with much love,

    philip, jena & elijah harold

  2. So glad that you made it safely! What a blessing to hear how God is providing for you as you adjust to your new surroundings. God is so good! We look forward to hearing more about your adventures and your work in this area of the world. : )

  3. Hooray for Central Asia! Glad you made it safe and that you have met some wonderful neighbors already. Can’t wait to hear more about your work and lives there as the days progress!

  4. Glad to read you’re there! Sorry we didn’t chat again before you left, but we’re looking forward to hearing great reports of our Father’s work in and around you!

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