Black Sea Getaway

On Wednesday after language class Mark and I found our way to the main bus station of our city, hopped on the bus and headed toward the Black Sea.  We rode for two hours west to a town to transfer to a minibus that would take us to our destination, Kiyikoy, a little fishing village on the Black Sea.

While waiting for the minibus a lady started talking to us.  Turned out she lives in Kiyikoy and runs a bed and breakfast.  We ended up spending the evening chatting with her and her two sisters and a friend, having chai and snacks, and just enjoying ourselves.  We thoroughly enjoyed their great hospitality.  We did stay at her B&B, too.

That evening after our time with the ladies Mark and I wandered around the village and decided it was time for Mark to get a haircut.  The barber did an excellent job.  We watched a soccer game with some men in the barber shop while Mark was being worked on, had chai and chatted.

The next morning we got up early and walked down to the harbor.  The quaint little town was still asleep.  When we came back to the B&B we enjoyed a nice local breakfast.

Right outside the village there is a monastery carved into the rock, built in the 6th century.  Mark especially liked the place.

(For better picture quality, please click on each individual picture.  Thanks.)


3 thoughts on “Black Sea Getaway

  1. The picture of the both of you is great. Is that on the Black Sea? How neat to be able to travel the world as much as you do. Not many people get that opportunity.

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