Frequent Flyers

I think we would qualify to be frequent flyers in the month of April.  At the beginning of the month my grandpa passed away, so we went back to Vancouver for the funeral and to be with family.  Mark stayed one week, and was supposed to return to Central Asia on April 15.  But remember that darn volcano and the whole chaos its spewing ash brought?  Well, turns out Mark was on his very long layover in Amsterdam when the ash began to cause trouble.  When he returned to the airport from the city ready to get on his next leg of the journey, he found that EVERYTHING was canceled.  By God’s grace, Mark comes from a Dutch family and he has some relatives not too far from the airport!  So for the next 6 days he stayed with them, toured the Netherlands’ countryside, biked around Amsterdam, ate pickled herring, etc.

While Mark was enjoying unexpected family time, I stayed in Vancouver and also enjoyed some very nice family time.

We both returned to Central Asia late last week.  And now we are preparing for another trans- Atlantic trip to America on Friday.  We’ll be having some meetings in Chicago and we’ll be there for about a week.  We will also get to see some dear old friends while in Chicago, and we’re very much looking forward to that!


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