On our way back from Chicago a few weeks ago we had a long layover in Madrid, Spain.  Mark and I hopped on the train and went into the city center and walked around for a few hours.  It was fun to be in Spain for the first time, and Madrid is a charming city (we’d love to go back for longer).  However, we were simply too tired to really enjoy our time there.  The same thing happened to us just a few weeks before that in Amsterdam on our way back from Vancouver.  Perhaps we’re too old to do that sort of thing anymore (long flight followed by a long layover followed by another long flight).  But we’re slow learners, so we just might do that again on our next trip!

We were very impressed with Madrid’s extensive and intricate train and subway system.  We walked from plaza to plaza, window shopped, toured the Royal Palace, and enjoyed a Spanish lunch.

Plaza Mayor

Can you see the Spider Man figure with a big belly in the back of the picture?  There were quite a few interesting characters at Plaza Mayor doing their own thing while we enjoyed some latte and parfait.

The Royal Palace (of course no photography is permitted inside the palace)

Plaza de Oriente

Spanish tapas for lunch!


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