Rumeli Hisari

That’s one of the most famous fortresses in our city.  It was built in the 1400’s, and they used it to make ships going through the Bosphorus stop to pay taxes.  Last weekend Mark and I walked around on the top of the wall and enjoyed amazing views of our city.  It is quite large, so we were very impressed to learn that they built it in 4 months.

View from the ferry:

View from the fortress:


One thought on “Rumeli Hisari

  1. Hey Mark!
    Long time! I just got a letter from BSU and thought of you and checked your blog. You guys seem to be doing a lot of traveling! Greetings to your wife. We moved from Louisville to Albuquerque NM a year and a half ago after I got done with school in Louisville. Hope you are having a great time serving the Lord with your wife.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy 2011
    502 802 4867

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