London – Day 5

Day 5 in London began with a tour of the Westminster Palace, or the Houses of Parliament.  We had to pay to get tickets online, but it was worth every pence!  A couple of months before we left for London I had been following UK’s general election on television.  Since I learned more about UK’s politics it was especially interesting for me to visit the House of Lords and House of Commons.  The whole place was so regal.  But, you guessed it right, no photography was allowed inside.  The only place we could take pictures of was Westminster Hall, the oldest surviving part of the Palace of Westminster, built between 1097-1099.

After lunch we headed to Tower of London.  For some reason, it seemed to me more like an enchanted castle from a Disney movie.  All the mysteries and stories we read about on our tour there made it seem even more unreal.  But it’s a real castle!

We went inside this building to see the spectacular Crown Jewels.  For a moment (maybe longer than a moment) I wished I were the Queen of England!

Part of the White Tower, the oldest part of the castle (circa 1080)

The largest and smallest armours in the royal armour collection

Tower Bridge


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