Last day in London

Well friends, we’ve finally made it – my last post about our London vacation!  Our last day in London happened to be Mark’s birthday!  To celebrate his birthday, we took a trip to Windsor Castle.  We were so impressed with the castle.  We were told that the Queen actually prefers Windsor to Buckingham.  She often comes to stay at Windsor on the weekends.  The grounds were beautiful, and the weaponry and art collections in the State Apartments were amazing (sorry, no pictures to show you).  One interesting thing in the castle was Queen Mary’s Doll House.  While it’s nothing compared to the grandeur of the rest of the castle, this doll house boasts extremely intricate details, such as real silver dining sets, running water, flushable toilet, real books written by famous authors and bound in scale size (1:12), and real wine in the wine bottles.

In the evening we came back to London to go to Royal Albert Hall.  Soon after we arrived London we found out the BBC Proms (a classical music festival that takes place in London every summer) actually opened during our week in London.  I was not about to let go of this chance of going to a BBC Proms concert in the Royal Albert Hall!  And to hear one of my favourite pieces ever!  Mark was very kind to let us do that  on his birthday.  In my opinion we could not have ended our London vacation any better!

We caught the end of the changing of the guard at Windsor when we arrived.

I’d like to think of our snack as royal ice cream.

This is a house in the town of Windsor.  Can you tell what’s wrong with it?

Going to hear Rachmaminoff’s piano concerto No.2 in the Royal Albert Hall!

Prince Albert Memorial across the street from the Albert Hall.  To be honest, the memorial seemed a bit out of place there.

The grand finale.  Thank you, London, we really enjoyed our time with you.  I hope to see you again in the near future.



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