Sheep and Goats

Last month we traveled to a nearby country to visit a friend.  In some ways this country carries resemblance to where we live.  But mostly it’s quite different.  The culture is a more conservative one (men and women are much more segregated).  The landscape seems quite desert-y, where sandstorm is a frequent occurence.  The size of our friend’s city is a fraction of our city of 16-18 million people, which means much much fewer tall apartment buildings and much much more individual houses.  And you can easily spot a flock of sheep grazing, whereas in my city you’d have to drive maybe 30 minutes before you spot a large patch of grass.  So it was an interesting experience for us, and a nice break from the city life.

In our part of the world it’s hardly a trip without a visit to the local market.  The electrical wiring is complicated to say the least.

The city is situated between two hills.  If you look closely, the little black spot on the side of the hill, an ancient cave, is our destination.

We hiked up the hill and came to this cave where some ancient carvings, which supposedly date back to 700’s BC, are found.  Unfortunately it has not been given the best care (starting a fire under anything historic is not a good idea).

Mark doing what he does.

View of the city from the cave.

We visited a local family, had lunch with them and visited their baby sheep while the son went delivering lunch to his father who was shepherding.

If you can’t tell already, I am very inexperienced at holding livestock.

This is a very old bridge in a neighboring city.  Sorry I don’t remember the historical facts.

I had to post it.