Traveling with the parents Part 2 – Cappadocia

I have a good excuse for not posting anything since July – we had a baby at the end of July!  But what is my excuse for not posting anything between February and July?  I don’t have one.  I would really like to finish posting pictures from our travels this past year though.  So here is the continuation of our trip with Mark’s parents last September.

If you ever visit Turkey, I would highly recommend Cappadocia.  It has an amazing amount of history, and the landscape is out of this world.  We had so much fun here.  The weather was pleasant and dry, so we could hike around off the beaten paths, exploring the strange and funny and incredible fairy chimneys and cave houses.  One problem with writing about our trip is there are too many awesome pictures to show you.  But time and space are limited, so I can only pick a few.


Fairy chimneys 


We also took a hot air balloon ride early one morning.  Again, HIGHLY recommended (though it is pricey).


Everyday early in the morning thousands of tourists go up on these balloon rides.  It’s quite the sight to see all these colorful balloons above and besides the chimneys and caves.


Goreme Open Air Museum – a bunch of caves that people used for houses and churches that are 800-2000 years old.  


Inside one of the caves


There are also several underground cities.  This is Derinkuyu, extending 5 floors underground.



We had so much fun in Cappadocia!  We stayed there for 3 nights at a “cave” hotel.  Our hotel wasn’t really in a cave, but there are hotels that really are in caves.  Maybe next time.




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