Traveling with the parents Part 3 – Westward to Ephesus

Here’s one more picture from Cappadocia I thought was worth posting.  We did a lot of hiking around these fairy chimneys and rock formations.  It was just Mark and his parents’ cup of tea (I tried to keep up).


We headed west after Cappadocia to go to our final destination on this trip – Ephesus.  I unfortunately got ill the day we were supposed to visit the ruins of Ephesus, so I do not have any pictures from that portion of the trip.

On our way out west we made quite a few stops like this, just to hike/climb around and take pictures of the beautiful scenery in this amazing country. At one point we stopped to visit friends along the way and spent the night at their place.


And sharing the road with herds of animals was not uncommon in the countryside.


One of the stops we made along the way was Sultanhani Caravanserai near the city of Aksaray.  It’s the largest old caravanserai in the country and many years ago was used as a rest stop for caravans on the old trading routes.


We also stopped at the ruins of Laodicea outside the city of Denizli.


Finally we made it to the west coast of Turkey.  The water at Dilek National Park was gorgeously clear.


There were also these wild pigs accompanying us as we walked around the beach.


If you want to see pictures from Ephesus you can look up one of my earlier posts when Mark and I went 2 years ago by ourselves.


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