Trip to the Rocky Land

In March Mark and I took a trip to a nearby country.  I’m calling it the Rocky Land because of its rugged yet beautiful landscape.  It’s not a touristy destination, but it has so many striking features hidden from most of the world.  I’m glad we got to see them for ourselves.

This country unfortunately has a lot of war history.  This is not an uncommon sight – old tanks left on the side of the road.


Like so many of the countries in this part of the world, they like to decorate their vehicles, especially these large trucks.


We visited some people who had a farm.  Here’s a local with his lamb.  Oh wait!  That’s Mark!


Let’s just say, the wife was happy when the beard was gone.

And here’s my pregnant self in a local dress with a newly henna-ed arm.


We visited a few different cities, and had to drive between a couple of them.  Along the way we got to witness some of the famed rugged and beautiful landscape.



On one of the road trips we stopped to visit Rostam‘s throne. Regardless of whether the many ancient stories surrounding Rostam are true or not, this old throne does exist and his name has become attached to it. It’s small, but is probably the most uniquely shaped old ruin we have seen.

The ancient bazaar inside the caves (behind us) was also pretty cool.


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