Babymoon in the UK – Part 1

In May, 2 months before our baby arrived, my sweet husband planned a babymoon for us to my favorite country (sorry Taiwan and Canada, you both are awesome too).  The first couple of days we stayed with a family we knew from DC in their home in Trowbridge, a lovely quaint little town.  It’s not far from Bath, and their church is in Bath, so we got to see Bath for one afternoon as well.  Oh that area is just the kind of England I absolutely LOVE!  And I could totally live in a place like Trowbridge and Bath.  Alas, God has something else planned for us.

This time of the year rapeseed fields are everywhere!

Going on a lovely stroll with our friends after dinner.  I mean, wouldn’t you love to have fields just like this behind your house so you can go on walks all the time?

And wouldn’t you love to have a beautiful backyard like this (or a backyard at all)?  Brilliant!

Right around the corner from their house is this little jail from a long time ago.  How do you like my historically accurate description?

I could see myself living in this house.

Or this one.

Now onto Bath.

The Royal Crescent

Bath Abbey

Unfortunately we were there on a Sunday afternoon, so many things were closed, including the Pump Room.

Pulteney Bridge

River Avon