Babymoon in the UK Part 3 – South of London

After saying goodbye to Pontrhydygroes, we drove straight to Redhill, south of London. Our friend Grace kindly let us stay with her while Mark had some meetings in the area. 

That afternoon Grace took me to a teahouse in her neighbourhood that she frequents. I was in heaven! 


This is how tea is done, folks! Scones with jam and clotted cream is one of the best inventions of mankind.


The next day Mark was in meetings all day, so a coworker’s wife took me to Leeds Castle in Kent. You really should look at the website for pictures that do the beauty of this castle justice.


Though there is not nearly as much history in this castle as Windsor for example, the grounds of the castle are really quite nice. 

That evening after Mark was done with his meetings we took the train to central London, had Japanese for dinner, then watched Wicked! 


On our last full day in England we drove south to Brighton. We had fish and chips for lunch, and bubble tea for dessert! 

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton – interesting and kind of out of place.


After lunch we drove down to the south coast of England to see the white cliffs. It really was quite stunning, the cliffs just go on and on.



Thanks for the memories, UK! You know I will try to be back before too long. Cheers!







Babymoon in the UK Part 2 – Wales

After Trowbridge/Bath, we drove west towards Wales. We visited some castle ruins, cathedrals, did some hiking and chilled in this laid back part of the country.

Driving along the coast of Wales.

DSC07215-copy-aRuin of Bishop’s Palace at St. David’s.




St. David’s CathedralDSC07225-copy-a

DSC07237-copy-aNext stop was Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber. The burial chamber is situated in a beautiful field that seems typical of Wales with all the sheep. We definitely saw more sheep than people the entire time we were in Wales.



DSC07251-copy-aThat evening we arrived at our hotel. Mark found this bed and breakfast place literally in the middle of nowhere. The town was so small I think our B&B place was also the only store/restaurant in town!

DSC07253-copy-aIt was such a lovely, yet sleepy quiet little town! It used to be a mining town (hence the name of our B&B, Miner’s Arms). Now you try to say Pontrhydygroes.

DSC07266-aThe next day was a gray, rainy day. We explored the town a little (didn’t take long), then drove to Devil’s Bridge for some hiking.  Devil’s Bridge is three bridges built on top of one another.

DSC07268-copy-aDevil’s Bridge Falls.  If the weather was better I’m sure the scenery would have been even better.


DSC07271-copy-aOn the hiking trail was Jacob’s Ladder. From the name one could gather the treacherous nature of the steps. Being 6 months pregnant, I took my time and held on to the railing for dear life.

DSC07274-copy-aAnother typical view of Welsh countryside. All those white dots are sheep.

DSC07280-copy-aAfter lunch in Aberystwyth, we found another hiking trail and hiked some more.



Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a secluded place like this? Must be nice I think, especially if there was a Starbucks nearby.DSC07295-copy-aA strange sight on our drive back to the hotel. What do you think those are?