Babymoon in the UK Part 2 – Wales

After Trowbridge/Bath, we drove west towards Wales. We visited some castle ruins, cathedrals, did some hiking and chilled in this laid back part of the country.

Driving along the coast of Wales.

DSC07215-copy-aRuin of Bishop’s Palace at St. David’s.




St. David’s CathedralDSC07225-copy-a

DSC07237-copy-aNext stop was Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber. The burial chamber is situated in a beautiful field that seems typical of Wales with all the sheep. We definitely saw more sheep than people the entire time we were in Wales.



DSC07251-copy-aThat evening we arrived at our hotel. Mark found this bed and breakfast place literally in the middle of nowhere. The town was so small I think our B&B place was also the only store/restaurant in town!

DSC07253-copy-aIt was such a lovely, yet sleepy quiet little town! It used to be a mining town (hence the name of our B&B, Miner’s Arms). Now you try to say Pontrhydygroes.

DSC07266-aThe next day was a gray, rainy day. We explored the town a little (didn’t take long), then drove to Devil’s Bridge for some hiking.  Devil’s Bridge is three bridges built on top of one another.

DSC07268-copy-aDevil’s Bridge Falls.  If the weather was better I’m sure the scenery would have been even better.


DSC07271-copy-aOn the hiking trail was Jacob’s Ladder. From the name one could gather the treacherous nature of the steps. Being 6 months pregnant, I took my time and held on to the railing for dear life.

DSC07274-copy-aAnother typical view of Welsh countryside. All those white dots are sheep.

DSC07280-copy-aAfter lunch in Aberystwyth, we found another hiking trail and hiked some more.



Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a secluded place like this? Must be nice I think, especially if there was a Starbucks nearby.DSC07295-copy-aA strange sight on our drive back to the hotel. What do you think those are?
















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