5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mark & Jenn,
    Congratulations! I wish I could ve seen u, but glad I at least glimpsed u on ur way out of Intl Center. V’ll be p**y ng 4 u guys for ur successful trip. He ‘ll take care of u. U take good care of the other. GBY. Elan

  2. Mark and Jennifer,

    We are happy to have a way to keep up with you and your travels. We are excited to see what the Father does with you over the next several months. Press on!

    Justin and Bonnie Myers

  3. Hi Mark and Jennifer, Please don’t say too loud that you would like a donkey and cart, Dad was already real interested in a miniature mule on Craigslist last night! He;d be glad to get it for you. I can’t wait to hear a lot more about life there and the amazing variety of people you have observed and met! And that desert trip, sounds so fascinating to me. Hope you are adjusting well there now. Love, Mom and Dad

  4. Hi there Mark and Jennifer,
    Your pictures are wonderful. I pray the Lord use
    you to do great and mighty things over there. Make use of every opportunity to share the Good News with them because two weeks from now you may never see some of them again. May the Lord put hot coals of fire in your lips to speak His name without fear, and may He build a fence around you both. Take care, we love and miss you guys. Hey – we just had a son. His name is Daniel.

    Ivo and Astrida.

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