Potsdam and more

I do apologize for the lateness of this part 2 of our Berlin vacation.  After almost 2 months since our vacation, here are finally pictures from the rest of our time in Germany.

We went to Potsdam outside of Berlin for a day.  We spent most of that day in Sanssouci Park, the summer palace of the Prussian king, Frederick the Great.  I must say, this was one of the more impressive palaces we have seen.  The park was enormous, and there are several palaces in the park.

Sanssouci Palace

There was a Chinese House in the park, although it didn’t seem very Chinese to me.

View from the Orangery Palace

Special footwear to enter the palace

After the park we went to the Dutch Quarter.  I just love the quaint little shops and restaurants!  But to our disappointment chocolate hail (hagelslag) and stroopwaffle were nowhere to be found.

On our last full day in Berlin we hit the Berlin Zoo.  It was a very good zoo.  At times it felt like nothing was between the animals and us, which was both good and bad.  For example, King Kong was sitting right in front of me, and I’m not kidding, there was just a rail between us.  I wondered what was keeping him from jumping over the little ditch to escape.

I guess he was thirsty, that’s why.

Elephants are like my favorite!  Look how agile he is!

Also saw some ugly hogs.

We spent our entire vacation devouring Asian cuisines.  I’m sorry to say that we didn’t eat at a German restaurant once.  Currywurst from the street was about it.  A Taiwanese restaurant we found online happened to be close to our hotel!  Oh I’m hungry just looking at it.

And what’s a trip to Berlin without going a classical concert?  No, it really was Konzerthaus Berlin.  We weren’t sure what the Turkish flags were doing there.