First week

We’ve been in our new home for almost a week now!  The first couple of days we were pretty much snowed in for a little.  Here’s what it looked like from our window:

All we got was only about 4 inches of snow.  But streets in our part of the city are quite steep and curvy, so it was actually pretty dangerous to drive or even walk outside.  Yesterday the sky cleared, and here’s what it should look like from our window:

We still have not done any exploring in the city yet.  But I did get to go grocery shopping by myself yesterday, which was kind of an adventure.  I went to the store with a dictionary in hand.  It took almost an hour longer than it should for me to finish shopping.  Granted, I’m a slow shopper by nature.  But having to guess which aisle corn starch could be in, and to look up “corn” and “starch” in the dictionary, etc., did prolong the process.  I got to use some of the newly accuired language skills (don’t be impressed, it was like a word or two).

Mark has started on his new administrative job and is trying to catch up on the learning curve, but is enjoying it a lot so far.



Mark and I are experiencing a snowstorm… in our new home in Central Asia!  Yes, friends, we made it here safely on Thursday.  It was a long but uneventful trip.  Even all of our checked bags made it to our destination the same time we did!  Our friends here have been taking very good care of us since we arrived.  We also met our neighbours, a nice lady and her nice daughter who speaks very good English.  Our nice neighbours already helped us a lot today by ordering a new gas tank for the kitchen for us.  All that to say, God has been very gracious to us.

The weather has been pretty bad since we got here, and it has now turned into a snowstorm.  We did not go out at all today because of the weather.  Hopefully we can do some exploring on our own tomorrow and try out the very limited amount of language that we have.